• Confidence is Unstoppable.

    We  believe  that  our  job  isn’t  just  to  create;  it’s  to  build  trust  and  certainty  with  our  customers.

  • Sovren Hydraulic Brake

    Supreme braking power and unbeatable performance.

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  • Our Engineering Capabilities

    We  design  and  build  with  a  single  focus  in  mind:  exceeding customer expectations.

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  • Inspired Engineering.

    A  collection of brands inspired by our passion for road and off-road cycling perfected through engineering. Our brands include Hayes Disc Brake, Manitou, Reynolds, SUNringlé, ProTaper (MTB), Answer and Wheelsmith.

  • Join Our Team

    Everyday  heroes  work  here.  Each  day,  our  team  members  bring  passion,  curiosity  and  an  expectation  for  greatness.  Join  us.


Ride secure with Hayes Performance Systems

As a global manufacturer of reliable brake systems and inspired engineered road and off-road bike components, here at Hayes Performance Systems, we design and build with a single focus in mind: you. You and your need to move. You and your need to stop. Be secure in the knowledge that someone is always looking out for your safety.

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Everyday  heroes  work  here.  People  who  care  about  working  hard  and  doing  the  best  job  they  can,  whatever  that  job  may  be.  Each  day,  our  team  members  bring  passion,  curiosity  and  an  expectation  for  greatness.  Join  us.

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