• Product Engineering Capabilities

Innovation is our Standard

Driven by innovation and a desire to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations for product and design, the Hayes Engineering team is proud to have breadth of competency and experience as well as capabilities that are unique within the industry.


Our Team

The average experience level of our engineers is nearly a decade, and each team member has brought to Hayes, or developed from within, brake-specific knowledge and application know-how.

Our engineers are immersed into the markets that we serve. Most are avid riders, drivers, or racers, and all have a passion for the product and ensuring we are the best in our field of expertise.

Our internship program ensures that talent is identified, nurtured, promoted, and retained. Past interns from this program now represent roles in engineering, sales and product management leadership.

Our team also boasts certified Six Sigma Greenbelts, leadership, and program management curriculum graduates, and several team members who are active in professional consortiums.

Most of all success is derived from respect and collaboration – we recognize and appreciate the knowledge and experience of others.

Collaboration is a key part of Hayes’ engineering department. Cross-functional input guarantees the best solutions for our products and our customers.

Our Methods

Hayes employs standardized engineering methods and test procedures aimed at ensuring quality, consistency, transparency, and quick issue resolution.

Our R&D process is tailored to support a fast pace. The general approach reminds us of how important learning cycles are to the product development process:

“Build, Test, Race, Repeat”

We utilizes state of the art technology and tools:

  • 3D modeling, multi-physics analysis, and vibration analysis software
  • Fully staffed lab with cloud-based management software
  • Workflow management tied directly to departmental performance metrics
  • Key equipment with monitoring and control to allow 24/7 test support and preventative maintenance
  • Vehicle proving ground for on-road and off-road applications
  • Methods to support bicycle to wheel loaders and everything in between

Design engineer inspects part in test lab.

On Track Testing

Hayes engineering is experienced in meeting stringent specs, from government vehicle applications to high-performance race vehicles. A space the Hayes Research & Development (R&D) team uses to test product under rigorous demand is the racing environment.

Engineers at Hayes have the opportunity to directly interact with customers and competitive athletes in multiple racing disciplines. In some cases Hayes engineers are embedded on professional race team crews while others are able to attend events and address questions from race crews as well as get direct feedback on product. This valuable feedback makes its way back to the development team for product improvements or new product opportunities. Hayes R&D currently partners with teams that participate in:

Key Partnerships

Hayes Engineering is proud to partner with Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE), a leading engineering school in the Midwest, through their Rapid Prototype Consortium which gives our team insight and access to the latest additive and scanning technologies.

Notably, Hayes partners with world-famous Road America near Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin, for the purpose of on-road and off-road testing of vehicles. We operate there from our own private test garage, which is a short 45 minute drive from our engineering headquarters in Mequon, Wisconsin.

While most lab testing is completed at our engineering headquarters, we maintain multi-year key partnerships with local and regional specialized test labs to ensure that we have capacity and capability at any time to execute on diverse product testing needs.

Hayes partners with world-class racetrack Road America to put products through paces during the R&D process.

Analytical Tools & Methods

  • CAD and basic FEA stress and deflection using PTC Creo
  • Advanced FEA (multi-physics, non-linear, fatigue) using ANSYS
  • Standardized predictive tools for brake system sizing, bolted joints, tolerance stacks
  • Product Lifecycle Management using PTC Windchill platform (PDMLink) – configuration management for both R&D and production environments
  • ReliaSoft XFMEA software
  • Clarivate Derwent Innovation patent search software

Physical Tools & Methods

  • Custom 100 HP brake dynamometer with ProLINK controls, up to 1850 ft-lbs, 235 mph
    • Air control
    • Wet effectiveness
    • Static capabilities
    • Noise measurement (SAE J2521)
  • Vbox, 2D, ETAS, and Siemens/LMS data acquisition for vehicle testing
  • Fleet of 20+ vehicles, Hayes and customer-owned, covering a wide range of markets
  • Exclusive, private proving ground at Road America Race Track in Elkhart Lake
    • 2400 square foot private garage,
    • Variety of on and off-road surfaces
  • B&K LDS V850 Vibration test system
    • Up to 2.2 kHz
    • 2 inch travel
    • Multi-axis
    • Accelerated life
    • Shock testing
  • Tekscan pressure mapping and force measurement
  • Four ESPEC environmental chambers up to 32 ft^3, -70 to 150 C, 0-100% RH
  • Lab data acquisition 5 systems, 14 multi-channel inputs, 50kHz, serial and digital variable voltage output control, 24/7 remote monitoring and control
  • Hydraulic actuation 28 independent pumps supporting wide range of fluid, pressure, flow requirements for performance and life testing
  • Two MTS 858 Table Top servo-hydraulic actuators up to 3,000 lbs and 6 inch stroke
  • Evac and Fill programable custom, customer, and production fill profiles
  • Digital 50x stereo microscope with measurement and capture capabilities
  • Slurry, ASTM particles, submersion up to 3 m with cycling
  • DC drive torque-angle for bolted joint development and verification, programable custom, customer, and production torque profiles
  • ABS and ESC systems simulation for master cylinder performance and life
  • ASTM-based UV, Salt Spray, Tensile, Shear, Hardness, CMMs, Keyence Optical Digital Profiler, Roundness Tester
  • Dedicated proto build area in engineering lab where engineers control and facilitate key builds until production equipment is online