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Let it Rip

Whether you’re shredding the bike trails, tearing down a mountain, dirt jumping or cross-country racing, having the right equipment makes a huge difference in performance, safety and enjoyment. Hayes Performance Systems manufactures the highest quality brakes, suspension systems, wheels and components for all mountain bikes, including enduro, downhill, cross country and dirt jumping bikes. With Hayes, there’s nothing holding you back. Our brands include: Hayes Disc Brake, Manitou, Reynolds, SUNringlé, ProTaper (MTB), Wheelsmith, and Answer.

Engineered For Kids, Dedicated to Performance

JUNIT Collection Hayes Performance Systems’ product development team set out to design a system for kids, using high-quality and high-performance components. Plenty of Hayes employees are parents…parents with kids who want to ride. Struggling with the lack of performance level components, this fueled the inspiration to create a line of products we’re proud of. We went full gas into developing a legit line of youth products, reflecting and sharing attributes, ride quality, and performance functions built for adult riders now optimized for kids. JUNIT components feature youth-sized 20” and 24” suspension, wheels, hydraulic brakes, and a unique handlebar/grip system, specifically tailored for youth-sized riders.

Work Less. Party More.

We don’t mind working hard on the uphill because we definitely like to party full gas on the downhill. Our team of engineers was challenged to take some of the work out of the ride on the way up and enable the rider to enjoy the party all the way down.

Sponsored Athletes

To reach this level of performance, elite athletes need total dedication, grit and a dose of crazy. Having exceptional equipment goes without saying. Check ‘em out.

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