You need a brake system to do its job so you can do yours

There are lives at stake – and livelihoods. Your company’s reputation is on the line if the brakes in your product fail. That costs money and so does downtime. Providing you with safe, reliable brake systems is Hayes’ number-one priority. Next is anticipating and being proactive to your needs. Our engineers listen and try to see design opportunities through the eyes of our OEM customers. We collaborate to develop the right solutions while keeping product lifecycles in mind.

Work the fields safely with brakes designed for agriculture

The engineers at Hayes Performance Systems know all about agricultural equipment challenges. The machinery is dirty, exposed to the elements 24/7 and often subjected to caustic fertilizers. That’s why the engineers at Hayes develop brake systems that are specifically designed to take on the environmental stressors impacting equipment for agriculture. Hayes brake systems can be found on John Deere, Buhler and Rostselmash equipment.

Heavy-duty brakes for the construction industry

Construction equipment has unique performance needs, like brake systems that can handle massive weight loads and a parking brake that stays truly parked. Plus, for OEMs there are huge contracts and timelines in play. Hayes engineers understand our OEMs’ heavy equipment requirements for reliability, maximum uptime and lifecycle management. Case in point: We invented the SAHR (Spring Apply Hydraulic Release) actuator as a solution for the construction industry. It features a corrosion-resistant chamber that ensures durable performance on the job site. Hayes brake systems are integrated in equipment made by Caterpillar and John Deere.

A cut above other brake manufacturers for the turf industry

When a machine plays an integral role in revenue generation, it’s imperative to get reliable, durable performance. That’s why so many in the turf care industry spec our brake systems. Our OEM customers know we manufacture dependable brakes that are the right size and the right price. We’re constantly researching and gathering customer feedback new ways to take turf brake performance to new heights. Our brakes are featured in turf care products made by John Deere, Toro, Bad Boy Mowers, Jacobsen and Cushman.