Bring it on

Few brake manufacturers can take on the specialty brake market. But when you have as much experience as we do, the opportunity to adapt our existing brake products for completely new applications is a welcome challenge for our engineers. Heck, it doesn’t even have to be a product adaptation. If the situation calls for it, we’ll develop a brand new solution that meets your specific needs. Call it “engineering curiosity.” Point is, give us a call – we can probably help you.

We can make that happen

Hayes Performance Systems engineers are creative problem-solvers with a willingness to listen to what your company needs. Case in point: We’ve performed brake adaptations for some pretty unique applications:

  • Mobile stairs for aircraft
  • Three-wheel scooters
  • Royal pumps
  • Amphibious ATVs
Because Hayes has successfully operated in a variety of markets, we can easily anticipate potential problems or needs and proactively address them. In some cases, what began as a specialty project becomes a new full-fledged category for Hayes as we deepen our capabilities with new customers.

Challenge us

Don’t see your project represented? Don’t assume we can’t tackle it. Hayes would love the opportunity to find another new purpose for our brake products. We encourage you to contact us with your BAP information.